Top No Annual Fee Credit Cards in India 2024: Discover the Best Options |

Top No Annual Fee Credit Cards in India 2024: Discover the Best Options |
Credit Cards

What are Credit cards?

Credit cards are similar to ATM Or debit cards which you can use to buy goods/services offline or online. The amount is not debited instantly from your account linked to your credit card.

Credit card monthly limit

The monthly limit of the maximum amount that can be used is associated with every credit card.
You cannot use more than your monthly limit within a month.
Credit card companies increase this monthly limit based on your spending pattern and bill payment.

What is lifetime free credit cards?

The cards come with zero joining fees and zero annual fees is known as lifetime-free credit cards. The credit card companies will not charge any fees for the services. They may charge some money for the extra services. And also if you are keeping this card with you for a lifetime then also it will not charge money.

We have compared more than 250 cards and found 5 really awesome lifetime free cards for you. By using these 4 cards you will actually be able to earn good money without spending even a single rupee. Along with earning money, if you use them wisely you will be able to build an awesome credit score that will help your lifetime. So our first pick in the category of lifetime free cards would be:-

1. IDFC first millennia credit card

This card has zero joining fees and zero annual fees. In fact, you will get a voucher worth INR 500 on spending 15,000 or more within 90 days of card issuance. The best part about this card is you get 10× reward points on spends above 20,000 and unlike all the other cards, its reward points never expire, and unlike all the other cards, there are no fees while redeeming the reward points. This card will only charge you 9-15% interest if you are not able to pay the payment on time.

Whereas other cards will charge about 36% interest. In order to get this card you have to be a minimum of 21 years old and have a salary of a minimum of 20,000-25,000 per month. Obviously, you need to have a credit score of more than 700. To apply for this card you can visit IDFC first where you can easily apply for this card. You will be using your aadhar, Date of birth, and mobile number.

2. Amazon pay ICICI credit card

This is again a must-have in the category of lifetime free cards like most of you know about its benefit is flat 5% cashback for all prime members on Amazon. Even if you are a non-prime member you will get 3% cashback either way you should get an Amazon Prime membership but that is a story for some other time.

Another really cool feature of this card is that you get flat 1% cashback on all your spending and this 1% cashback is amongst the best that we have seen in lifetime free cards. Once you have applied for this card and if you are approved you get the virtual card within a day – which you can start using immediately. What we like about this card is that unlike most of the cards ICICI has kept things really simple, they have just focused on providing good cashback.

Usually, you will see four types of insurance, golf lessons, extra discounts in 5-star hotels, etc which a normal customer never really uses. Amazon on the other hand provides you with things that you use on a daily basis which is how they have managed to keep the card lifetime free.

This card is a constant demand when it was launched and ICICI usually stops taking requests for new cards. We also won’t be surprised if they start charging a small annual fee on this card as with its current offerings this card is too good to be true. If you are thinking of getting a lifetime free card. This is the first card that you should think about and you should apply for this as soon as you get an opportunity.

3. HSBC Visa platinum credit card

This card also comes up with no joining and annual fees and also comes up with lots of benefits. This card gets cashback worth INR 250 on spending over INR 50,000 in a calendar month. And also you will get 10% cashback up to INR 2,000 on a minimum spend of INR 10,000 within the first 60 days of card issuance.

Introductory benefits up to INR 2,250 with 3 complimentary airport lounge access at domestic and international lounges or 3 Airline (meal) vouchers. And also there is a terms and conditions that the benefits of 10% cashback and domestic lounge benefits you will get only when you will do a transaction of INR 1,000 o the first 30 days of card issuance. And if you will book movie tickets on Saturdays (up to INR 250) you will get one free ticket with one ticket on Book my show app.

You will also get the benefits of a fuel surcharge waiver if you use your credit cards at a fuel station for fueling and the transaction amount is INR 400 to INR 4,000 then you will get a fuel surcharge waiver. This card also comes with the benefits of zero-liability for lost cards like if any fraud transaction happens or you lost your credit card, immediately you have to report it to their call center, and if any type of fraud transaction happens you will get coverage for INR 3,00,000.

And a 50% discount (up to INR 100) on the first transaction on google pay. Also for every INR 150 spent you will get 2 reward points, whereas 5× rewards on subsequent purchases made after crossing spending the amount of INR 4,00,000 in an anniversary year up to a maximum of 15,000 accelerated reward points. If your age is between 18-65 years and your annual income is up to 4,00,000 then you are eligible for this credit card.

4. Kotak fortune gold credit card

This card gives you interest-free cash withdrawals and a higher cash limits. According to your credit limits, it gives you 50% cash limits. If you are withdrawing cash with this card then you have to pay INR 199 cash as an advance fee as per INR 10,000 but you don’t need to pay any interest up to 48 days. You can transfer the balance with the help of this card but per INR 10,000 balance transfer you have to pay INR 349.

With this card, you will get INR 50,000 lost card liability and with the help of this card if you will spend 1,50,000 annually then you will get 4 complimentary PVR tickets or INR 750 cashback. You can redeem any one option between them. If your age is between 21 to 45 and you are earning more than 3,00,000 annually then you are eligible for this card.

5. VISA platinum credit card

In this card, if you are transacting INR 2,500 within 30 days of the card issuing then you may get welcome benefits like swiggy voucher of INR 250 and an Amazon gift voucher of INR 500. You will get 3 complimentary meal vouchers or 3 complimentary airport lounge access at domestic and international lounges. You will get 3% cashback on this card up to INR 2,000.

If you will book movie tickets on Saturday on the book my show app through this credit card then with 2 movie tickets you will get 1 free movie ticket and the movie ticket price should be a maximum of INR 250, and if the free ticket price is of more than INR 250 than you have to pay the rest of the amount. If your age is 18-25 and your annual income is of more than 4,00,000 then you are eligible for this card.


First of all, people who do not have any knowledge of how to use credit cards should not use them. But if you want to use it for professional reasons or you are a beginner and first-time card user then you can use these lifetime free credit cards. Lifetime free credit card comes up with no joining fees and no annual fees.