Discover the Best 6 Android OS of 2024: Unveiling Top Operating Systems for Android Devices

Discover the Best 6 Android OS of 2024: Unveiling Top Operating Systems for Android Devices
Android OS Today we are going to talk about android OS. From the beginning, the Android OS is well known for customization. Yes, Android OS is the topmost Operating System in the world of digital devices. When it comes to Smartphones then it’s the 1st and foremost OS for almost smartphones. However, there are some alternative options of Android for smartphones we all love and smartphones company always have a single option to use. Besides this, we can find out the many points that make android super over other OS.

Among them, customization is one of them. For this here we are with the list of the Top 6 Android OS by Different smartphone brands. We all love customization, that’s why Android is ahead in that too. If you are a customization lover of your smartphones then nowadays you have plenty of options to choose your favorite custom skin. Almost all the smartphone brands used to apply their custom Skin (also known as custom UI) to make their smartphone’s user interface different than on brands.

Best 6 Android OS

In terms of providing a better User Interface, Xiaomi holds the supreme position. Besides Xiaomi’s MIUI we can also find the craze of One UI, realmeUI, Funtouch OS, and other Android Custom Skin based on Google’s Android.


The most popular and customizable UI for android smartphones is MIUI. This UI is a well-known UI by Xiaomi Smartphones users’. Yes, officially this UI is in use for Xiaomi devices only. We can find this UI in Redmi, POCO, and Mi phones by Xiaomi. If you are worried about finding out Which custom UI is best for mobile? Then obviously MIUI is for you. As compared to other Custom Skins this UI features more. It means more customization. Besides, its customization we can find enough bloatware in this UI that may slow down your phone’s performance.


Samsung also prepared their UI for making their Android smartphones better and different from other competitor brands. We can find OneUI on Samsung smartphones only. Although we miss enough customization in OneUI as compared to Xiaomi’s MIUI there is better performance. Yes, the real-time performance of the Samsung devices is better. Anyway, here we are for the top 6 android OS. So, let’s know Is Samsung UI is Good? Yes, it’s a good and better custom UI after MIUI.

Realme UI

The Sub-brand of OPPO (it’s realme) is making their market better to cut down the share of Redmi. In the initial days, Realme used the Color OS (an official custom skin of its parent brand, OPPO). In a short time, Realme UI holds the supreme position at every point. Here we get the pretty customization with additional apps (known as bloatware) like MIUI. Overall it’s another best custom UI that you can enjoy on Realme Devices.

Oxygen OS

Did you know, What OS does OnePlus use? OnePlus is also ahead in terms of providing the better smartphones in the market under a budget. When it comes to the custom UI of the phone then we can find its unique featured pack UI named, Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is one of the top customized UI of Original Stock Android. Here we can find almost the same clean look as Stock Android. The performance of this UI is always better than MIUI, Oxygen OS, and One UI.

This UI is neat, clean, and bloatware-free which makes the phone better but we miss enough customization like MIUI. Color OS Although all the custom UI is based on Stock Android we can find minimal to maximum changes on them. Here too OPPO customizes the Stock Android in that way to give a different user interface to their users.

Color OS

is another best android OS on our list. Like MIUI this UI is also ahead in providing better customization features to its users. Here we can find plenty of widgets, theme stores to apply your favorite themes, app icons, and many more. Honestly, as like MIUI we can’t enjoy the better performance with a lot of customization and bloatware in ColorOS too.

Funtouch OS

Another well-known custom UI is Funtouch OS. Funtouch OS is an official custom UI of VIVO Smartphones. Although we miss enough customization in this UI it’s hassle-free to use your phones smoothly. Yes, we can find almost the same user interface as like stock android. Due to the minimal customization of stock android by Vivo, we can enjoy the better and smooth performance as compared to MIUI, One UI, etc.


Which custom UI is best for mobile? Finding the best custom UI is one of the challenging tasks for us. In the crowd of many smartphone brands, we can discover its separate UI. Before choosing the best UI we need to clear our intent. In terms of customization, MIUI is always the best UI. Besides if you are searching for a custom UI that performs better then Oxygen OS is the best option for you.

Which is better oxygen OS or one UI? Oxygen OS features minimal customization with additional optimized features. But Samsung One UI is more customized by Default with colorful icons and other supplements. In terms of performance, Oxygen OS is better than One UI.