What is Backlink and How to Create Backlinks Fast and Easy in 2022

What is Backlink and how to create backlinks ! A backlink is a website linking process where a website link with another website and trust us that google will love those type of website or blog which have a certain amount of backlink and for the results those websites get more authority according to their backlink. And for the results, It will be ranked on Google search results.

In this article, we will discuss the basic details about Backlink, the type of backlinks, how to get quality backlinks. So keep reading this post if you want to increase your backlinks and domain authority.

What is Backlink?

What is backlinks? A backlink is a linking process as we discuss in the introduction part but too many people ignore the backlink and they can’t create any backlink for his website or blog. And for the results, his or her website suffers many problems to ranking in Google search engines. Before discussing more information about backlinks we have to know that how the Google search engines will work.

If a website or blog has quality content and too many backlinks then the google search engine will analyze the website authority and the total number of backlinks and also analyze the main SEO keywords which is using that content repeatedly then that site will rank on the Google search engine after few days. So these are the small overall concepts that how to google search engine will work and help the website or blog to rank according to their domain age, authority, keywords, SEO, and backlinks.

So that it’s very much important for us and also our website but as discuss that too many people ignore this. They simply purchase a domain and hosting according to their need and that’s it. They can’t give importance to that website. And for the results, google can’t help that website to rank and all the website contents may not be properly ranked on search engines.

Not google search engine but also another search engine that can’t rank those types of blogs or websites which have a minimum level of backlinks, domain authority, quality content, etc. And now It’s enough details about backlinks but it has a deep concept like it has 2 types so let’s start to discuss more backlinks types.

Backlink types


Well, this backlink is in high demand and everyone wants that is because it has some value when a site link to another site through the article or homepage address. And for the results whenever a user comes to the first website to gain some information then he is bound to go to another website to gain more information. And by the help of do follow backlinks google also rank your website and provide more authority which is known as domain rating or domain authority.


Nofollow backlink is generally used in the comment section and another place on the website. It provides no such type of value to Google so Google also ignores this type of backlink. For example, a blogger has a blog and that blow has more than one thousand nofollow backlinks and no dofollow backlinks then it would be very difficult to rank that site or blog on Google search engine.

If you submit your blog address or article link on any other website then after submit you have to check that that backlink is dofollow or nofollow. If you have a laptop or PC then you can view it with the help of inspect element or if you have a smartphone then you can check with the help of the view-source method.

You can easily check when your backlink is nofollow then the HTML tag ( Site Name ) contains rel=”nofollow”.

Also if you want to display the nofollow backlink in any place then you can also add the nofollow tag. And if you see that there are no nofollow tags in HTML code then the backlink is dofollow.

How to Create Backlinks ?

For getting backlinks, you have to do several types of steps on your website. And here those are discussed one by one.

  • Share your article with social media
  • Join social media groups according to your niche
  • Submit your link in the YouTube video description
  • Create GitHub, Google question hub, Quora account and share your links
  • Create guest posts on any website that allow
  • Contact the website admin about your article and convenience them to link etc.

Here is some different kind of way that you can get a quality backlink. And remember that only backlink is not important, good contents are too important.

You can start promoting your article in paid ways like google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or any paid promotion. If you wrote good content then definitely you got very good traffic in your blog through backlink and paid promotion.

Final words

At the end of this backlink, the topic hopes you understand that how backlink works and how important backlink is. So now is the time to start creating your quality content and start creating a do-follow backlink and gain your domain authority.

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